Whole30 – Day 3


Since I’ve been eating paleo for about 3 months (with minimal cheating), I’m already feeling great. I took my “before” pictures yesterday and realized how far I’ve come since June 1st. I can’t wait to take my “after” pictures on the 30th 🙂 Bring it on Whole30!


PRE-WOD: Hard boiled egg & a small spoonful of almond butter

BREAKFAST: 2 eggs, steak (2oz), butternut squash hash with mushrooms, onion and a cup of berries

LUNCH: Leftover chicken and steak kabobs with roasted veggies & side salad


SNACK: Hard boiled egg, a peach and mixed nuts (1/8 cup)


It was my good friend Karina’s birthday today and we went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant. I managed to find some great palo options and just made sure not to use any of the sauces (only lemon).

DINNER: 4 oysters, 1/2 lobster, 1/2 crab and cold asparagus salad with red wine vinegar & lemon at Connie & Ted’s in Hollywood



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