Whole30 – Day 15


I’ve made it halfway and I’m feeling grreeaaatt!

It’s been an interesting past two weeks, with a lot of ups and downs, but I’m really starting to feel the glory of the Whole30. I took a break from crossfit this weekend and did yoga and spinning and my body is feeling strong and recovered. I also did a lot of stretching and work with my roller and lacrosse ball.

I threw a boston pork butt (2lbs) in my crockpot Saturday night with a few cloves of chopped garlic and just enough coconut oil to grease the inside of the pot. I left it on low heat for about 14 hours. You can see the glorious result below…


I took the pork butt out and shredded it with a little bit of the juice and enjoyed it for breakfast and lunch 🙂

BREAKFAST: 3oz pulled pork, over squash hash, 2 fried eggs and strawberries


LUNCH: 4oz pulled pork, sauerkraut and an heirloom tomato


SNACK: Coconut cream pie lara bar & a black starbucks iced coffee

DINNER: Grilled lobster tail with roasted tomato and pesto zucchini noodles (recipe: zucchini-noodles)


Only 15 more days to go!!!!


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