Whole30 – Day 16


After last Thursday, I was feeling a little down in the dumps. I had a bad workout, my back was bothering me and I was feeling really bloated :/ I took the weekend off from crossfit and did yoga and cycling. I also spent time stretching and working with my roller and lacrosse ball. The result? Today I had great workout, my body feels recovered and I’ve had a ton of energy throughout the day (even though I only got 6 hours of sleep last night- eek!).

I PR’d my full snatch (100lbs) and was the first one in the class to finish the workout. I didn’t RX it, but I’m definitely improving 🙂 One of my trainers also asked me if I’ve lost weight and if others were starting to notice, which gave me the boost of confidence I really needed at the halfway point. Hip hip hooray!

PRE-WOD: 2oz chicken and 4 raw almonds

BREAKFAST: 3oz pulled pork, egg whites, squash hash and 1 cup of grapes


WOOHOO!! The catered lunch today was my favorite, California Chicken Cafe. Although I got stuck in a meeting and missed out on the chicken, I managed to get a lot of squash and salad for lunch and dinner. I had also packed some pork and sauerkraut as a backup lunch. Whole30 crisis averted! 😉

LUNCH: Salad with 4oz pulled pork and sauerkraut, squash and salsa verde + 1/2 cup strawberries & pineapple


SNACK: Hard boiled egg, 1oz turkey, 8 almonds & veggies + a small pluot (a type of plum they had at the office)


DINNER: Chicken breast*, leftover squash and salad, sauerkraut, salsa verde and brussel sprouts


* I threw some chicken on the BBQ  Sunday night with the lobster so I’d have them for the week


Note: I went to a concert that night and was hungry when I got home so I also had a few pieces of chicken with mustard.

Only 14 more days to go!


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