Whole30 – Day 19

I’m happy to report that I’m finally feeling the magic of the Whole30 🙂


My skin is clearing up, I have a a lot of energy throughout the day, I feel like I’m performing better in my workouts and I’m starting to notice that I’ve lost weight. Not sure how much since I haven’t weighed myself, but I will let you know soon enough!


BREAKFAST: 1 egg, leftover mexican turkey & squash hash, pico de gallo and a banana


LUNCH: Leftover cauliflower chicken fried “rice” and 1 cup of grapes


SNACK: Hard boiled egg, 1oz of turkey, 1 tbsp almond butter & celery (+ 1/2 apple pie lara bar later in the day)

image 4

Since I had a bunch of leftovers from the lettuce cup tacos I made last night, I decided to reinvent them for tonights dinner…

DINNER: Ground turkey taco salad with homemade pico de gallo, black olives, avocado and lettuce


Only 11 more days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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