Whole 30 – Day 25


I’m 5/6 of the way there! Can’t believe I’m on the homestretch!

I wouldn’t say I’ve experienced a drastic mind blowing change in one specific area, but across the board I’ve definitely seen a positive transformation.

So far I can tell I’ve lost some weight, my clothes are fitting better, I have more muscle definition, I’m getting stronger and faster, I have a little more energy throughout the day, my skin is clearing up and I’m feeling very positive.

I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting going into the Whole30, because I was already eating paleo and working out 5-6 days a week. However, even though my results may not be as drastic as someone who previously had horrible eating habits, I’m definitely glad I did it and I’m excited to be reaping the benefits no matter how big or small 🙂

whole30 - Day 25

PRE-WOD: Hard boiled egg & 4 almonds

BREAKFAST: 3 egg whites, 2oz ground turkey and squash hash with mushrooms, onion, kale and spinach + 1 cup of gapes


LUNCH: Leftover marinara turkey meatballs, mushrooms, onion and zucchini noodles


SNACK: Celery, hard boiled egg, grapes & 14 almonds


DINNER: California Chicken Cafe salad (chicken, brocoli, bell pepper, tomato, avocado & salsa verde)

ONLY 5 MORE DAYS TO GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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