The art of cooking became a strong passion of mine during college and has only grown stronger over the years. I enjoy everything about it including the unlimited ways to experiment, the art of presentation, the ability to explore different cultures and the smile a single bite can put on someones face.

I started this blog because I wanted to have a platform to share recipes, photos and food ideas. However, in June of 2013 I started doing crossfit and decided to try eating paleo. It wasn’t an easy transition, but it has been an amazing one. I’ve learned so much and I’ve seen so many positive changes in my body and performance I can’t ever imagine going back to my old ways.

Eating paleo has also created a fun challenge for me in the kitchen because now I like coming up with healthy recipes that are not only delicious, but also made from all natural unprocessed foods 🙂

Regardless if you’re following the paleo diet or not, there are a lot of meals/recipes everyone can enjoy and feel good about eating! It may be cheesy (oh how I miss CHEESE), but I truly believe that food brings people together so I hope you can share and enjoy these meals/recipes as much as I have!

Emoji_02665 Morgan K.




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  1. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy the recipes. I have lots of fantastic Red Velvet stuff posted up at the moment. But, be warned, the pictures may cause you to drool!

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